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        MICROWAVE ENCYCLOPEDIA - P-N Designs, Inc. Microwave Encyclopedia (Text, Images & Calculators). VERY VERY VERY...EXTENSIVE.
        Examples of the "Microwave Encyclopedia" Subject Categories include:
          Capacitors; Cascade Analysis; Conductivity; Detectors;
          Digital Logic for Microwave Circuits; Efficiency of Microwave Devices;
          Microwave Connectors; Microwave Diodes; Microwave FET's;
          Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits; Microwave Material Properties;
          Phase Array Antennas; Permittivity; Phase Shifters; etc..."
        For more information see Microwave 101


        ELECTROMAGNETICS & WAVES (JAVA APPLETS) - EE Circle VERY VERY EXTENSIVE. For more information see EE Applets or EE Circle

          Examples from over "6" Electromagnetics & Waves Calculators include:

            Trace Impedance Calculator for Microwave, RF, and PCB Designs Calculator
            Trace Impedance Calculator for Microwave, RF, and PCB Designs Calculator
              "...Emphasizes the characteristic impedance (matrix form for multi-line system);
              Phase velocity and effective dielectric constant values are also reported;
              Automatically detects a differential pair and correspondingly reports the odd/even mode and differential/common mode impedances;
              Solves only a lossless problem. Losses induced by dielectric and metal (caused by finite conductivity and skin efect) are ignored..."

            Design of a Resistive Attenuator
            Resistive Attenuator Calculator
              "...there are times an attenuator is needed to reduce the magnitude of the signal while maintaining the impedance matching at both the input and the output ports. A simple attenuator can be realized..."
            Resistive Attenuator Calculator INPUT Values include
              "...ZO; R1; R2; Alpha..."

            Microwave Power Splitter Design using Resistors
            Microwave Power Splitter Design using Resistors Calculator
              "...offers a means to choose the values of the three resistors according to the design goals in terms of return.insertion losses, under the given line impedances which can be different in general..."

        MICROWAVE CALCULATORS - Microwaves101, P-N Designs, Inc. VERY VERY EXTENSIVE. For more information see Microwaves101 or P-N Designs, Inc.

          Some examples from over "13" Microwave Calculators include

            Cascade Calculator INPUT Values include
              "...Gain; Noise Figure; P1dB..."

            Coplanar Waveguide Calculator
            Coplanar Waveguide Calculator INPUT Values include:
              "...Relative Permitivity; Width of the Trace;
              Ground Plane Spacing; Substrate Thickness..."

            Reactance Calculators
            Reactance Calculators include
              "... Inductive Reactance and Admittance Calculator;
              Capacitive Reactance and Admittance Calculator..."

            Dual Dielectric Coax Calculator
            Dual Dielectric Coax Calculator INPUT Values include:
              "...Dimensionsl Permittivity of the Dielectric Regions..."

            Wire over Ground Calculator
            Wire over Ground Calculator INPUT Values include:
              "...Height Above Ground; Diameter; Permitivity of the Wire..."

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