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      Dairy Science Courses, Databases & Textbooks related Centers

      Dairy Science & Technology Courses, Lectures, Lessons, etc.

        DAIRY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY eBOOK - H.D. Goff, Department of Food Science, University of Guelph; Funding Assistance: Ontario Milk Marketing Board, Canada Multimedia Dairy Science Course and Technology Course (Text & Images).
        Dairy Science & Technology Course
          " about the study of milk and milk-derived food products from a food science perspective. It focuses on the biological, chemical, physical, and microbiological aspects of milk itself, and on the technological (processing) aspects of the transformation of milk into its various consumer products..."
        Examples of "Dairy Science & Technology" Course Chapters include
          Milk Production and Biosynthesis;
          Milk Grading and Defects;
          Dairy Microbiology;
          Dairy Processing
            "...Clarification, Separation, Standardization;
            UHT Treatment;
            Membrane Processing;
            Evaporation and Dehydration..."
          Dairy Products
            "...Overview and Fluid Milk Products;
            Concentrated and Dried Milk Products;
            Cultured Dairy Products;
            Ice Cream and Butter; etc..."
        For more information see Dairy Education eBook Series (Formerly the Dairy Science and Technology Education Series); H. Douglas Goff's Faculty Home Page; Department of Food Science or the Guelph Food Technology Centre

          Some examples of Dairy Science Chapters & Subchapters include

            Dairy Chemistry and Physics
            Examples of "Dairy Chemistry and Physics" Chapters include
              Composition and Structure
                "...Milk Lipids;
                Milk Proteins; etc..."
              Physical Properties
                Freezing Point; etc..."

            Butter Manufacture
            Examples of "Butter Manufacture" Chapters include
              "...Overview of the Buttermaking Process;
              The background Science of Butter Churning;
              Crystallization of milkfat during aging;
              Butter Structure;
              Continuous Buttermaking; etc..."

            The Ice Cream eBook
            Examples of "The Ice Cream eBook" Chapters include
              "...Suggested Formulations;
              Mix Calculations;
              Overrun Calculations;
              Ice Cream Structure;
              Theoretical Aspects of the Freezing Process;
              Ice Cream Freezing Curves;
              Ice Cream Defects; etc..."

            Cheese Making Technology eBook
            Examples of "Cheese Making Technology eBook" Chapters include
              "...Introduction to Cheese Making;
              Process and Quality Control Procedures;
              Acidification and Coagulation;
              Manufacture, Ripening, Process Control and Yield Efficiency;
              Alternate Technologies..."


      Chemical Compounds: Lectures & Lessons

      Herbs: Databases, Lessons, etc.

      Spices: Databases, Lessons, etc.

        EXOTIC SPICES & SPICE MIXTURES - G. Katzer, Austria Multimedia Spice Mixture Recipes (Text & Images).
        Spice Mixture Recipes include:
          "...Baharat Spice Mixture Recipe; Berbere Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Bouquet garni Spice Mixture Recipe; Bumbu Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Chinese Five Spice powder Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Curry powder Spice Mixture Recipe; Dukka Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Fines Herbes Spice Mixture Recipe; Gâlat dagga Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Garam masala Spice Mixture Recipe; Herbes de Provence Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Jerk Spice Mixture Recipe; Khmeli-suneli Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Mole Spice Mixture Recipe; Panch phoron Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Quatre épices Spice Mixture Recipe; Ras el Hanout Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Sambaar Powder Spice Mixture Recipe; Shichimi togarashi Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Thai curry pastes Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Worcestershire Sauce Spice Mixture Recipe; Zahtar Spice Mixture Recipe;
          Zhoug Spice Mixture Recipe; etc..."
        For more information see Gernot Katzer's Home Page

        INDIAN SPICES - ALL THE PURITY OF MOTHER NATURE - Spices Board India, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, India Multimedia Spice Database (Text & Images).
        Indian Spices
          "...Spices constitute an important group of agricultural commodities which are virtually indispensable in the culinary art. They can be primarily defined as farm products used in various forms viz; fresh, ripe, dried, broken, powdered etc. which contributes aroma, taste, flavour, colour and pungency to food, rather than a lone food seasoning factor..."

        SPICE ENCYCLOPEDIA - Tone Brothers, Inc. Multimedia Spice Database (Text & Images).
        Spice Encyclopedia
          "...These fascinating facts and useful ideas will get you started on your own cooking adventures. From Allspice to Vanilla,..."
        For more information see Welcome to the SpiceAdvice


      Mushrooms Databases, Lessons, etc.

        FUNGI (MUSHROOMS) OF CALIFORNIA - M. Wood & F. Stevens Multimedia Mushroom Database (Text & Images).
        Examples of "Mushroom" Database include
          Spieces Index
            "...Scientific Name;
            Common Name;
            Edibility, etc..."
          Genera Index;
          Edible Fungi Index; etc.
        For more information see MykoWeb

        MYKOWEB: THE FUNGI OF CALIFORNIA - M. Wood Multimedia Mushroom Database (Text & Images).
        MykoWeb: The Fungi of California
          "...contains photographs over 560 species of fungi found in California, with over 460 of the species with descriptions. There are currently over 3900 total photographs of the mushrooms. Included are links to other online descriptions and photos of the species treated plus references to common field guides..."


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